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Universal Gas Tank Fuel Sender Lock Ring Tool

Universal Gas Tank Fuel Sender Lock Ring Tool

  • $116.00

Features & Benefits:

  • Universal three leg gas tank fuel pump / sender lock ring R&R tool
  • Designed to work on retainer rings with internal & external tool lands / tabs
  • Easily adjustable from 3.6" to 6.8"
  • Three leg design provides more contact and turning strength
  • Three leg design is more stable compared to two leg designs

Many cars and trucks use plastic or metal retainer / lock rings to secure the fuel pump / sending unit in the fuel cell.  Many of the lock rings only provide internal or external tool ribs / lands to R&R the ring.  Two jaw retainer ring R&R tools tend to flex or flop over during high torque situations, sometimes damaging the ring lands.  Our Three jaw tool provides more stability, additional contact surface with the ring lands and doesn't flop from side to side during R&R procedures.  Universal design works with internal or external ring lands from 3.6" to 6.8"  Lock ring hold the tool legs tight to the ring lands during R&R procedures.

Warranty: 1 yr warranty on material and workmanship