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Bypass For WF2CB/469911 & Many More Ask US!!

  • $18.99

***This product is only available for USA customers*** For Canada Contact US

Bypass Cartridge Frigidaire WF2CB For Your Fridge by MIARA`s Collections Features -

  • Compatibility - WF2CB and Compatible Filters 

  • Eco-Friendly - Every product of MIARA’s Collection is manufactured with Eco-Friendly Technology so it does not harm the nature.

  • Easy to Install - This Water Filter Bypass is same in size as of refrigerator water filter and makes it easier to replace the older one with new one.

  • Pocket-Friendly - This Water Filter Bypass is useful if the user has RO installed and doesn’t want refrigerator water filter but wants to keep the refrigeration working, so this is the best choice as it removes extra expenses of replacing the water filter every six months.