Bypass Cartridge for UKF8001, kenmore 46-9992,46-9006 by MIARA’S

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{Note: This product is only available for USA customers.}

Description - At MIARA'S we intend to provide our customers a replacement for their refrigerator water filter which would help you to bypass the water filter by replacing it. This would provide you a temporary resolution to your filtration by skipping the filtration process and providing you drinking water. Our products are completely eco-friendly and have gone through the standard process by WQA to check it is not contaminating water in any way.

Bypass Cartridge For UKF8001, Kenmore 46-9992,46-9006 Features - 

  • Compatibility-ABD2533DEW,ACD2234HRB,ACD2234HRQ,ACD2234HRW,ARB2257CB,AFD2535DEW,ARB2257CC,ARB2257CSL,ARB2257CSR,ARB2257CW,ARB2259CB,ARB2259CC,ARB2259CS,ARB2259CW..
  • Eco-Friendly- At MIARA’s Collection it is our responsibility that none of our Refrigerator Water filter replacement affects the Environment in any way possible.
  • Easy to Replace- It is very easy to replace the water filter without any mechanical tools and can be done easily without any assistance.
  • Pocket-Friendly - All the MIARA’s Collection Refrigerator Water Filter Bypass are cheap and doesn’t add up extra expenses to your family’s monthly budgets.