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Gel Pet Dog Cooling Mat - 3 different Size

  • $24.97

During extreme temps, dogs face real danger! Sure, your dog is naturally capable of cooling themselves down, however, summer temperatures can sometimes get very high and your old pal needs a bit of help to stay comfortable and safe.

Our Dog Cooling Mat helps prevent heat stroke and exhaustion. It also helps your dog stay comfortable when the literal dog days of summer, hit.


PRESSURE ACTIVATED: Our mat is designed to work once your dog lays down on it. The effects last for 3-4 hours. After 15-20 minutes of non-use, the mat automatically recharges!

MANY APPLICATIONS: Not only does the mat keep your dog cool but it also relieves pain, swelling, stress, and discomfort

PORTABLE & CONVENIENT: The cooling mat is lightweight and easy to carry. You can keep it in your car, crate, bed, anywhere! It's made from non-toxic materials. Long lasting and mold-resistant. Available in different sizes


Lay the mat down in any area.

To wash use a soft cloth and clean with mild soap and water. Allow to dry completely before use or storage.

Machine washable, Tumble Dry, Normal, Low Heat, NO Bleach.


Every part of your dog’s body that comes in contact with the pad is cooled due to the pad absorbing their body heat.


Color: Blue

Size: 40x30cm ,50x40cm ,65x50cm

Shipping 3-5 Days to Process and 10-14 days to ship