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Gin Mill Gangster Costume, M

Gin Mill Gangster Costume, M

  • $57.14

Dukes and Dames

If you wanna be the man, you gotta dress like the man. And in this Gin Mill Gangster costume, you'll be THE man. This Hauntlook Costume comes with a black suit jacket with white pinstripes, matching pants, collar with tie, and hat to give off that intimidating gangster vibe of the prohibition era. Wear this to Halloween, theme parties, and costume contests. And when Halloween comes to an end, use it for role play, dress up, or cosplay. You're in for a wild ride with this OG costume!

Keep Your Suspenders Clean

This men's costume was made with 100% polyester, no trouble makin' materials. Caught in the gunfire night? Hand wash your rags and hang them out to dry. To prevent colors from bleeding, avoid bleaching or ironing this attire. Follow the size chart for a manly fit.