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Grecian Goddess Costume, M

Grecian Goddess Costume, M

  • $47.14

Blessed Wisdom of the Goddess

Be wise like Athena. Be pure like Artemis. Be faithful like Hera. Take inspiration from each Greek Goddess while wearing the Grecian Goddess costume, and you'll be the divine goddess that will bring anyone to their knees. This lovely white gown will hug you in all the right places so perfectly, even Zeus will blush at the sight of you.

Have a friend wear the less innocent Sable Goddess costume for an unlikely celestial pair.

Why You'll Love It

This women's costume was made with 100% polyester, no mortal materials. Caught in a dark and stormy night? Hand wash your toga and hang it out to dry. To prevent colors from bleeding, avoid bleaching or ironing this attire. Follow the size chart for a fit only suitable for a goddess.