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EPTWFU01 Water Filter Replacement For your Refrigerator

  • $1.00

***This product is only available for Canadian customers*** For USA Contact US!!

EPTWFU01 Water Filter Replacement  Refrigerator By MARIA'S Features -

  • Compatibility - This Water Filter is compatible with  EPTWFU01

  • Usable Period - It is highly recommended to replace this water filter after every 5- 6 months or
    after 300 gallons of water for best performance.

  • Fresh Clean Water- We always make sure that the water you drink is fresh, clean and free from
    any impurities present in it.

  • Maintains Quality - With this MIARA’s water filter replacement, it is made sure that it does not remove any required minerals and reduces thus removing pharmaceutical and other chemicals present in it.

  • Good for Wallet- It is beneficial to use a refrigerator water filter instead of packaged drinking water bottles with which you can save a decent amount of money in a year.