4396508, 4396510 Refrigerator Water filter Replacement By MIARA’S

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{Note: This product is only available for Canada Customers.}
Description - We at MIARA’s brings you the best refrigerator water filter replacements for clean and pure water for you to lead a healthy lifestyle. Our Water Filters reduces chlorine and fluoride proportion and retains all the essential minerals for the better health. It removes all the hazardous chemical substances present in the water. All filters are certified to be free from any leaks if installed properly. All our products at MIARA’s are WQA Certified and are environmentally friendly and does not harm nature in any way possible.

    4396508, 4396510 Refrigerator Water filter Replacement By MIARA’S features -

      • Compatibility-This Water Filter is compatible with 4396508, 4396510 & Edr5rxd1.

      • Quality Performance - By means sedimentation and reducing the odor and taste of the chlorine and other impurities present in the water it provides fresh and clean water for you and your family.

      • Usable Period - It is widely suggested to replace the water filter after every 4-6 months or after 200
        gallons of water have been filtered for the top performance depending on the quality of water entering into the filter.

      • Fresh Clean Water - We try to make sure that the water you and your family drink is fresh, clean and
        free from any contaminants present in it thus removing chlorine, Lead, Asbestos and other chemicals substances present in the water which are hazardous for health.

      • Maintains Quality - With this MIARA’s water filter it is made sure that it does not remove the minerals which are required by the human body but reduces the pharmaceutical and other
        chemicals present in it.

      • Good for Wallet- It is beneficial to use refrigerator water filter instead of packaged drinking water
        bottles by which you can save a decent amount of money every year.

      • Cost Effective - This water filter replacement is made available to you at a reasonable price and without
        compromising with the quality and the health of you and your family.

      •  Certified by WQA Standards